Webbrowser with audio output selector

Decoding from my and other KiwiSDR receivers makes me run into the problem that Chrome outputs the signal to the "windows default device". So I have to set the default device to a virtual cable, listen to the device = on and I can decode a lot of modes. 

However, if I use DSD with my local SDR, DSD also uses the default device, as output, so it starts stuttering because it gets its audio output back on it's own input. I have to "listen to the device = off" to solve this, so I have to switch between settings when I switch programs.

Does anyone know of a browser which works with KiwiSDR and where I can set the output device for audio ?


P.S: Could it be possible to widen the SSB bandwidth for some DRM testing ?


  • About DRM: The audio IQ rate is currently 9600 Hz, hence the bandwidth is too (this was increased from 8250 to make it easier to work with the S4285 decoder). You can stretch the passband to a maximum of 9586 Hz by dragging the sloping ends of the yellow passband line when zoomed in. It would be interesting to know if this is sufficient for the decoder given all the error correction. Does the decoder need an AM or DSB input?
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