Power down does not work every time?

Not a big deal, just curious if this happens for others.  I think at least three times now I have used the power down button and click confirm and the Kiwi does not power down.  The leds stay on and active. The admin page displays "powering off Beagle".  I wait a bit (normally it shuts down within a few seconds) and I then refresh the admin page and the page comes back up.  I then repeat the power down procedure and I think it has always worked on the second attempt.


  • I've noticed this too. It seems Debian/Linux on the Beagle sometimes can take up to a minute or more to power down. Like it's in the middle of doing something that takes a while to clear. Mostly though it happens in just a few seconds.

  • Good, next time I will just leave it alone then instead of refreshing and repeating.  Thanks.
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