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Would like to use this in a more "portable" mode and use an iPad as the display / audio output. Can you use a BeagleBone Green Wireless or BeagleBone Black Wireless board? I would only be using one  network connection for bandwidth issues. Also is the software written with a static IP or DHCP?



  • The Seeed BeagleBone Green Wireless is not directly compatible with the standard cape form factor. The extra stacked USB connectors they added don't match the space in the cape cutout for the Ethernet RJ45 connector of the original Beagle. However, it should be possible to use a Kiwi with the BBGW by adding header extenders so the board sit far enough away to clear the USB connectors. But then of course this combo would not fit in the KiwiSDR enclosure. We have not tried this configuration yet.

    We had not even heard of the BBBW until this message. It looks like a standard cape should fit, but we'd have to try.

    The standard Debian distribution used with KiwiSDR is configured to use DHCP with the Ethernet interface. There is an open bug request to add static IP assignment to the admin page. You can of course do this now by directly editing /etc/network/interfaces. Support of using the built-in wireless interface of a BBGW/BBBW would also need to be added.

  • If your Router supports MAC address to IP address assignment you then have an IP address that never changes or, in effect, a static IP address.  That's what I did here.

    For those who may not know how to find its MAC address, the Admin access, Network info tab shows the BeagleBone's MAC address.

  • Yes, and that procedure, associating a fixed IP address to the Kiwi Beagle's Ethernet MAC in your router, is what we describe in the documentation: (which unfortunately seems to be TL;DR for a lot of people)

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