Your Kiwi must be running the v1.690 (or later) release to use the proxy service and be in the public Kiwi list (,

Please visit (documentation) and (online store)


This release had minor changes that are now part of the latest build image you can download to re-flash a bricked Kiwi:

We needed these changes because we are having a large number of pre-programmed SD cards produced that we can send to people who are unable to perform the steps described above. Because, let's face it, it's a daunting task for someone who has never dealt with downloading images, decompressing files, copying to SD cards, etc. It's part of our commitment to make the Kiwi easy to use.

These changes help restore the Kiwi-2's ability to use the serial number based proxy connection scheme that a Kiwi-2 is originally delivered with out-of-the-box. Namely, being able to connect at and where XXXXX is your Kiwi's serial number.

These SD cards can also be used to re-flash BBG/BBB based Kiwi-1s as well. But without the serial number proxy feature which is Kiwi-2 only. And you guys using BBAI or BBAI-64 based Kiwis, well, you already know what you're doing! lol

We decided not to ship SD cards with the Kiwi-2 by default because with Kiwi-1 too many people thought installing the SD card was required to make the unit work (the Kiwi software is always pre-installed on the Beagle). This caused us much support grief.

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