Log entry repeated several times this morning, what does non-Kiwi app mean?

Fri Jun  7 09:27:47 1d:07:33:29.974 01..  1   L PWD new connection --------------------------------------------------------
Fri Jun  7 09:27:47 1d:07:33:29.982 01..  1   L PWD kiwi SND ALLOWED: no user password set, so allow connection from
Fri Jun  7 09:27:56 1d:07:33:39.490 01..  1     API: decided connection is non-Kiwi app (served=0) 
Fri Jun  7 09:27:56 1d:07:33:39.491 01..  1     API: ext_api_users=1 >? ext_api_ch=4 F(OKAY)
Fri Jun  7 09:27:56 1d:07:33:39.491 01..  1   L API: TRIG=F SND(T3) f_kHz=0.000 freq_trig=0 hasDelimiter=0 z=0
Fri Jun  7 09:28:04 1d:07:33:47.513 01..  1   L GEOLOC: sent no geoloc info, we got "Moscow, Russia" from geo host #1
Fri Jun  7 09:28:04 1d:07:33:47.518 01..        task geoloc_task:P2:T005((1000.000 msec) TaskSleep) exited by returning
Fri Jun  7 09:28:12 1d:07:33:55.497 01..  1   L "(no identity)" Moscow, Russia incomplete connection kicked

at least 15 tries to connect like this, but kicked...I am curious, is it a just a very interested user?




  • Most everyone is seeing this (public Kiwis). I think it's just a script somewhere gone bad. The connections are obviously not long enough to even be getting any data. They serve no purpose.

    A "non-Kiwi" connection are things like kiwirecorder that are not the Kiwi user interface code running in the browser. So anything else that is connecting and using the Kiwi API.

    Not sure what counter-measures I will deploy. I am so busy with actual work. Maybe these annoyances are just meant to distract me from being productive? Seems unlikely (Occam's razor).

  • @jks

    thank you for taking time to comment and enlighten me…..

    I do not think you skould do anything about this….if I get annoyed, I can ban the IP…..and see if it helps.

    Wonder if users from Russia could be related to support of state activity not in amateur spirit?

    But that is a completely different subject to my original post, never the less of some concern.

    still a lot to learn for a new Kiwi owner!



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