Sounds Like FSK in 17MHz Aero Band, but Won't Decode

Shift is between 85 and 170. FSK extension won't lock up on it. 1500 hours, Charleston SC, USA. Signal appears in other aero bands, so I'm guessing it's weather or NOTAMs or something like that.

Is there some other extension I should be using?



  • jksjks
    edited May 27

    Shift and baud rate are unfortunately only part of the story. You also have to get the framing, encoding and inversion correct. This can be difficult if the signal is completely unknown.

    But, that said, this looks more like an Ethernet spur than an FSK signal. Would have to hear the audio to be sure. Some types of Ethernet equipment (routers, switches) couple lots of garbage onto the cable. Lowering the interface speed to 10 MHz (admin network tab) can help with this.

  • Thanks. It does seem pretty strong. I'll try that.

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