From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.681 May 16, 2024

  Antenna switch: If the "Switch to default antenna when no users connected?" option is set,

  and none of the "Default antenna" checkboxes are selected, then the switch device will be sent

  the command to ground all antennas. What this actually does depends on the switch hardware and

  the functioning of the switch backend script.


  If auto aperture mode is enabled and adjusting the waterfall min/max values this will no longer

  cause browser focus to be taken away from selected elements like input fields and menus.

v1.680 May 12, 2024

  Mobile improvements:

    Protection against the "- - - + + +" icon auto repeat continuing to repeat after you're

    no longer touching the icon.


    Disabled iOS browser "double tap zoom" and "hold-to-copy panel" features that interfered

    with Kiwi buttons and icons in some cases.

  For KiwiSDR 2 and later, the automatic proxy service configuration is restored after re-flashing

  with the latest re-flash image. This means you can once again access the Kiwi with the URL

  (serial number).proxy.kiwisdr.com after a re-flash just as you could when the Kiwi was new



  • If anyone has any problems with this release please let us know. I'd like to use it as the basis for a new re-flash image to be used with our upcoming build of more units.

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