From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.679 May 10, 2024

  Fixed CIC compensation filter gain for 3-channel mode.

  Fixed frequency sorting of EiBi database.

  Added initial phase correction to timecode extension. Time stations should sync now in all cases.


  • If anyone has problems with the timecode extension changes please let me know. I have tested v1.679 on various Kiwis around the world against these time stations and it seems to work much better than before: RTZ, JJY-60, WWVB-a, WWVB-p, MSF, RBU, BPC, DCF77-a and TDF.

    ERF and CHU are decoded by the FSK extension.

  • I noticed a strange issue after this update: when editing presets, it seems as though something is periodically refreshing and stealing foreground priority away from the dialog boxes you are typing in, every few seconds.

    For instance, I'll be typing info in a preset, and then all of a sudden the text I am typing starts activating all kinds of shortcuts, instead of typing the text into the dialog boxes. Or, even without typing, you can just click in a dialog box and it will auto-save or something every few seconds. The interval does not seem to be based on the time you started editing the dialog box.

    I disabled all my custom addons just to be sure, and it still does this.

    I'm using Firefox (latest) on Windows.

    Has anyone else had this issue or is it just me?

  • jksjks
    edited May 11

    Admin DX tab or user connection "DX labels" edit panel?

  • I thought it was just me, as I have occasionally observed similar problems whilst using DX tab editing (not the edit panel table), but I assumed I'd just mistyped something, or pressed the Ctrl key or similar.

    It seems to be an unfortunate key combination, associated with a time specific function, but I've not been able to find a repeatable sequence to report it as an issue.



  • jksjks
    edited May 12

    After you enter or change on of the text fields, and hit the enter or tab keys, you'll note that a blue square appears saying "Changes saved".

    But this isn't supposed to interfere if you're in the middle of subsequent typing into the next field. It isn't on a problem here with any of the browsers I've tried. But maybe it's an issue for you for whatever reason. There were certainly no changes in v1.679 that should have affected any of this.

  • Hi John,

    For me, it's been like that for as long as I can remember, and well before any recent versions.

    But I just thought it was something odd that I was doing, and that may be the case. But I'm not tabbing or pressing enter, just typing text when it occurs.



  • I think I see what it is: I just tried editing one with the AGC tab selected, and it didn't do it, but, once I selected the WF tab, it stole priority exactly at the time the auto-scale function ran and adjusted the ceiling/floor level sliders for the waterfall.

    So it seems like for some reason, that UI update (or something on that same interval timer?) is snatching the cursor/priority away.

  • Okay, I see that now. Interesting problem. Thank you.

  • That's an interesting observation.

    I don't use the WF Auto-Scale and prefer to adust all the kWi's I use to -110 / -20 when fully zoomed out, so that I can quickly compare signal levels between them in a consistent manner.

    However, I do get the impression that something is being updated when the problem occurs.

    Could it be one of the EiBi database, or IBP scheduled changes, that is somehow clashing with the open DX label editing field ?



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