HF Blackout lunchtime today in the UK




  • Thank you very much Martin for this report. Here too in the South-West of France, it was very bad. My two Kiwis have never had SNRs this low.

    Storms (rain, hail, lightning) return next week. This year, they are very early and particularly intense, with strong electrical activity.

    Best regards, Philippe

  • It's even worse this morning. At 9:16 GMT, I had nothing, here in Trémolat in Aquitaine, France. It is believed that the antenna is disconnected. I checked, this is not the case. There are only VLF and LF that pass and an RF source transmitting on 13560.32 kHz that I do not know.

    This is a good way to check the noise level of the installation with a connected antenna. The test is very interesting.

    Currently at 9:33 GMT there is a little more propagation.

    Best regards, Philippe

  •  at 9:33 GMT, in Trémolat in Aquitaine, France. It goes back

  • Yes it's pretty bad today.

    My FlyDog sdr SNR score is 11 dB 7 dB at position 541 on the http://rx.linkfanel.net/snr.html list

    Wessex Flydog - G8JNJ - 0-62MHz - South West UK

    But I'm usually up in the top ten.

    Solar noise bursts are also occurring in the low VHF bands.



  • No better here, it went down to 7 dB(all), 6 dB(HF) at 9:20 GMT. I currently have SNR 8dB (all), 8dB(HF) at 10:41 GMT. Never seen it, so strong. Something curious is happening to the sun.

    Regards, Philippe

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    Now in PL from 160-12m bands closed or barely audible, 11-10m bands 9+20dB signals audible with quadruple echo, FT8 JS8 80% unreadable

  • Hi,

    There is currently a very strong solar storm, maximal level 5, of exceptional intensity. The Northern Lights were visible last night in Europe on the 45th parallel. And numerous radio disturbances were caused by this magnetic storm.

    All night, HF reception was very poor at the 45th parallel in Europe.

    Best regards, Philippe

  • Pretty extreme here in the midwest USA on 5/11 and 5/12 so far. NOTHING above 15 mhz on a nearby KiwiSDR. I just finished building a QDX transceiver, and was trying to diagnose why it wouldn't receive anything above 20m yesterday until I figured out how bad the upper bands were! 🤣



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