Suggestion to Audio volume adjustment in the webpage control panel

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A minor issue, but perhaps an improvement especially for new users?

As a new very impressed and happy owner of a KiwiSDR2, I now and again make a mistake when I want to adjust audio volume.

I slide the top slider in "WF6" rather than in "Audio".

The current tab is indeed high lighted with the tab text in bold, but is is not that highly visible.

Could the selected tab perhaps be larger or with a bright frame around it or in some other way improved to show it is selected, please?

Adjustment of audio volume: Could the mute icon also be configured to control volume, not only mute, with the mouse wheel or a pop-up slider?

Then you do not need to open the tab....




  • Audio level adjustment is fairly commonly required, especially when changing modes or bands.

    How about some form of auto audio / AGC that controls the average level and maybe adds some audio compression to reduce the overall dynamic range, and providing an ear protecting limiting function ?

    Handy if you are wearing headphones, performing some late night listening and don't wish to disturb others, or are using a mobile device with limited acoustic reproduction.

    I'd also suggest maybe some limited audio equalisation options, such as HF lift and bass cut, for those of us who are 'getting on a bit' with a subsequent loss in hearing.

    Just a thought...



  • I think you could do all of these things simply with a browser extension, not sure these are required in the limited processing power of the kiwi.

    Have you taken a look at those?

    Also don't forget to adjust the AGC threshold (always) and the slope for your preferred listening style.

  • Agreed, it could probably be done with an external browser or other add-on application, although this is not so handy when using different devices.

    It was only a thought / suggestion, as the idea had occurred to me when switching between AM and NBFM, when the RF AGC doesn't apply.

    Modulation levels vary, especially on the CB bands, where the problem is particularly noticeable.



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