Persistent suspicious connection

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I have a link showing up as NA5B with ip address of with a location of Coventry UK. It tracks to a VPS service. They are connected at 22 khz iq Z0. I first tried kicking them off but they just reconnect. I tried the timeout but it reconnects immediately. I also have tried the masking feature but they still connect there so I am now adding the IP address to my blacklist.

Has anyone else seen this? I am pretty sure it is not the real NA5B who runs a websdr page near DC.




  • I have noticed a problem, where folks stay connected or a long period, but they are only viewing the waterfall or spectrum display, and maybe doing something else.

    So the frequency and mode they have selected, are sometimes misleading with regard to the purpose the KiWi is being used for.

    This is usually indicated by being fully zoomed out e.g. z0



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