Antenna Extension [fixed in v1.675]

I am just delighted with the antenna switching extension, it just works..... fantastic I'm using the MSa 5 which I've had for ages.

Anybody else using it?


  • I was debugging using a customer's s5 to get the backend script working for that switch. And I know of at least one other customer who now has a working s5.

    But we're having real trouble with the s7. It's a very confusing situation because it's almost as if there are two versions of the s7. An older one that supports antenna mixing and a newer one that does not, and works like the s4 s5 and s6.

    I would very much like to know if anyone has an s7 that works with the new integrated antenna switch of the current Kiwi releases. Or one that used to work with the old antenna switch code.

  • I take that back, mine is a MS-S7k6 WEB controlled REMOTE ANTENNA SWITCH 7 POSITIONS 6kW PEP. It was purchased in June 2021. Mine does not do antenna mixing. I only have antennas connected on the first three ports. I've not tested any further than that. I also have an MS6 in another country which I'll not be able to test for a month or so. I say that ,but I can connect to that one as well over the internet but I don't have a KIWISDR over there. This is the MS-S7k6.

  • jksjks
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    So there's no question now that there's an older MS-S7-WEB and a newer one.

    This is the older one that the current antenna switch code supports. It has antenna mixing and a completely different API from the current MS-Sn-WEB switches:

    The newer ones do not allow mixing and consists of a common control unit (MS-V2 WiFi) and multiple "antenna selectors": MS-S3, -S4, -S5, -S6, -S7, -S7k6 (6 kW version of -S7):

    In the next release (v1.675) support for the -S3 and newer -S7/-S7k6 is added.

    Note the difference in naming in the admin antenna switch, switch device menu:









    ms-s7a-web (newer -S7 switch)

    ms-s7-web (older -S7 switch)


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