From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.670,671 April 16, 2024

  Fixed various problems with the new scheme of storing configuration information in JSON instead

    of via URL encoding.


  Due to community pushback, no longer enabling the new name/callsign entry panel by default.

    If you want it then enable it via the checkbox on the admin control tab.

  Admin console tab: added "clean logs" button you can use in case the updates are failing due

    to lack of filesystem free space. If there is important info in the logs you want to keep

    (e.g. WSPR/FT8 spots) please backup the log files before cleaning them.

    Use the "disk free" button to see how much available filesystem space there is.

    You need maybe 400 MB free to do an update.


  • Is the "clean logs" a nuclear option?

    I rsync any compressed logs onto USB storage just to keep available space as high as possible, I wonder if I shouldn't just rsync the entire directory and remove anything that isn't that day.


  • jksjks
    edited April 16

    "clean logs" just does a journalctl --vacuum-size=10M which trims the logs files back to 10 MB. I don't think you can actually remove the log files and you probably don't want to do that anyway.

    I've only ever seen a few cases where the log files have grown to be a significant size (like approaching 1 GB) that would interfere with an update. Remember that log files get rortated and compressed automatically in an effort to keep their size under control.

  • No, I wouldn't get rid of the logfiles, I just move the ones that logrotate has already archived. Even then, I don't keep them forever...a find command deletes those after 30 days off the USB storage.

    I'm trying my best to keep 650+ MB free at all times for updates that you may toss this way...

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