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[Users tab] "Sort in order of connection" icon [fixed in v1.672]

edited April 20 in General Chat

Currently, the hamburger icon is used for the "sort in order of connection" button. However, the hamburger generally means the something rather different, such as options and settings, so I am suggesting putting a down arrow next to the hamburger, indicating the sorting function of the button. That would make it easier to understand what it supposed to do.

This new page in the admin interface is very good and I find it very useful.


  • Yeah, I was in a hurry and didn't really know what icon to use.

    There are some problems with the interface that need improvement. For example if you have the multi-IP address icon "open", showing the multiple IPs used by the same name/callsign, it gets closed when the next list update comes around (every 30 seconds currently). Stuff like that.

    If anyone has a Kiwi where the IP address field shows an IPv6 address I'd like to know if it looks okay or if there are any other problems (as mentioned before I don't get IPv6 addresses here).

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