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Fine-tune kiwi Frequency

I am using the "I-Q" mode trying to fine-tune the frequency accy of my kiwi

I have selected:

  • Draw=points
  • -Mode=carrier
  • - PLL=off
  • - clicked on '40'

I see a circle rotating and can not find the 'Fcal' buttons described to slow the

circling 'point'.

described in the documentation (admin accessed info). The "HELP" info on the

I-Q display window provides no help!



  • jksjks
    edited April 8

    Does the IQ panel say "GPS is correcting" where the Fcal +/- buttons would otherwise be?

    If the GPS is correcting then the Fcal buttons are not shown because they would have no effect. The two frequency correction mechanisms are mutually exclusive.

    Now it is possible for the following unexpected sequence of events to occur: You have the GPS enabled and antenna connected. But if the GPS has not locked yet, for whatever reason, you will still be able to use the right-click menu cal ADC clock (admin) function.

    But if the GPS then locks before you get to the IQ extension to do your fine tuning then you won't see the Fcal buttons as expected. But you should see the message saying "GPS is correcting".

    If the GPS has a decent fix (via enough sats) then it should do as good a job as any amount of manual fine tuning.

  • @Dick Do you have any follow-up to this?

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