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Pyongyang KCBS DRM cannot be decoded ... (3205/6140 kHz)

Hi everyone,

As shown in the video, a low-intensity (Voice of China) DRM signal was successfully decoded, but another higher-intensity (Pyongyang KCBS DRM) broadcast was unsuccessful here at the same time.

I'm quite sure that it could be decoded in 2023, but now only silence can be heard for both 3205 & 6140 kHz.

Is this a problem with Radio station in Pyongyang, or ..... was there some kind of codec missing in my kiwi DRM extension?

Need your opinion, thanks.




  • The Kiwi DRM extension is not missing a CODEC.

    KCBS DRM is known to often transmit silence. There is probably more info here:

  • Dear jks,

    Thanks a lot !

  • edited March 31

    If KCBS were to broadcast silence in DRM, the last MSC box would have turned green, but it remained red throughout in this video. Therefore, the decode wasn't successful at all.

    Could this mean that they wasted electricity on something no one could decode?

  • Good catch. I didn't actually watch the video the first time -- too busy.

    Yes, it has FAC, so the base DRM signal is there (obviously). But no SDC/MSC means there was no digital program material for the encoder. See page 16 on:

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