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1542 kHz signal transmitted from Nanjing, China

Hi, all

In December 2023, an unidentified station appeared that transmitted a 1000Hz signal at 1542kHz, and was received in large areas of China's coastal regions, Russia's Far East, and Southeast Asia. On January 26, 2024, the station began broadcasting bogus fake drug advertisements, sometimes a crosstalk (a kind of comedy performed by 2 persons telling jokes and funny stories on stage) for 24 hours a day. 😄

At that time, it was unclear whether this station was a ``black station,'' operated by individuals using their own equipment, or a ``gray station,'' where individuals used high-output transmitting stations for profit. However, in general thinking it is impossible for such a thing to be broadcast with permission from the authorities in China.

An investigation by the local authorities revealed on January 29 that the broadcast was a "gray radio" broadcast coming from a transmitting station managed by the Jiangsu Provincial Radio Broadcasting Department in Nanjing, but on the afternoon of the same day. Broadcasting has been suspended.

According to Canada's Walter Salmaniw, the station had good reception at his home in Masset, British Columbia, from early December 2023 to January 28, 2024. Reccently the same station resumed transmission in the evening of March 18th (or even earlier?).

As could be heard in youtube, a song named as "the voice of Mrs. Shexiang" (Shexiang which means the luxurious fragrance in Chinese) plays in a loop endlessly in the evening.

Many Chinese radio enthusiasts and radio program fans are still confused and don’t know what is going on. But they still fully expect that this station will broadcast weirder things or something else.


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