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newly powered up, but no access :(

tl;dr title says it

i thought my 5.25v 2.8a supply would be powerful enough but no dice. so i did a pretty wild thing, i read the write up and just ordered the recommended switching power supply from digikey--5v, 4a. it powers up! huzzah! but, i can't access the thing on my computer or laptop.

i have the kiwi, beaglebone and case setup. its got power and an ethernet cord running to my computer. the vpn is off and im running starlink if that matters, but i cant see why with local access. i can't access the unit via found in an older post, nor found in the quickstart guide. i don't really know how to proceed if i can't get any software action happening. the blue leds sure are pretty though. advice is welcome, but i'm a carpenter so use small words and probably best to type slowly, too.

the error i get on edge and firefox are similar, "hmmm... can't reach this page check if there is a typo in" the paperwork in the box matches the sticker on teh case matches the board inside--im confident the address is correct. what's up with this? im probably missing something dumb.


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    Ugh, looks like I made a bulk editing mistake, or was half-asleep (common these days).

    It's always Note the "proxy". Always has to be there. I've fixed the operating manual to say that.

    But I'm not able to make a connection to 

    You say "and an ethernet cord running to my computer". What does that mean exactly? The Ethernet is plugged into an Ethernet router/switch or literally plugged into the Ethernet port of your laptop or desktop computer? Because the later will not work without some very special setup that you probably have not done.

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    i'm quite familiar with running a business and the hours it demands so i'm glad i was able to help sort out an editing boo-boo.

    i'm running starlink with a pretty normal setup -- no spare port on the ethernet cable. should i look around for one of those? i feel like that might be worth mentioning in the guide for those of us new to electronics and IT hihi

    edit: i saw the ip address via LEDs but that can't be the way. there's no way you people are sending out radios that have a secret code to work through before enjoying it. this thing isn't a cereal box ..

  • Saying it's a pretty normal setup is not helpful....we need more details.

    IIRC Starlink is silly here.... What does the Starlink Dishy connect to? You have one ethernet wire that goes to the supplied Starlink router, which has only wifi connections, I'm guessing?

    If so, this is going to get a bit more complicated for someone a bit technically challenged..thinking you'll need to set up a wireless bridge from your Kiwi........ But let's confirm that's your setup first.



  • you're correct. the dishy connects to the router in the home with no ports available. everything else is wifi.

    i already have a subscription to protonvpn for their port forwarding and tunneling features, but i'm a little ahead of myself here. i still gotta be able to access the kiwi first.

  • @Cheeto_Bandito ;

    Mike N8OOU here. I use Starlink as my ISP provider. I also have a Kiwi connected to that provider. It was not simple, easy, or cheap to get that combination working. It also helps a bunch, if the installer has knowledge and experience with networking and Linux.

    I needed the optional Ethernet adapter to service my local network. I initially attached the kiwi to it. After getting the kiwi proxy service I found and documented an incompatibility between Starlink and the Kiwi. Search this forum for my call. I don't and didn't claim this to be a problem with the Kiwi, but it does leave the Kiwi disconnected at random intervals.

    You have three options available:

    To use your current WiFi only Starlink service will require you to add a Wifi Dongle to the Kiwi. Doable, but not easy. I suspect the incompatibility will be an issue with this option.

    Alternatively, you can purchase the optional Ethernet adapter from Starlink. Connect the kiwi via cable, thru a switch. This is the simpler option, but creates the incompatibility I documented.

    The last option which I am still working on, is to replace the Starlink Router with your own, You need the adapter for this option too. You have more control over the configuration but it makes you a full fledged Network Administrator.

    Mike -- Good Luck

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    Hey Mike, I appreciate the heads up. I have the adapter cable in my starlink shop cart but haven't yet pulled the trigger. theres a few times now i wish i had a normal router rather than all this proprietary jibberjabber. i was thinking about grabbing an old wipi dongle from an antique raspberry pi i have downstairs but before going too far down a rabbit hole i'll definitely look for old posts of yours. thanks for the heads up.

    update: everyone's been quite helpful and i'm officially listening to my own kiwi. i grabbed a small wifi repeater from the barn and used the lan port on that. i'll expect to get the starlink adapter cable and a normal switch/router.

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    Just so I understand: Starlink by default only has a WiFi connection? Like it has a WiFi router built-in? No possibility to connect an Ethernet cable without this adapter thingy?

    I was about to suggest using an Ethernet-port-to-WiFi adapter e.g. TP-Link TL-WR802N on the Kiwi. As this doesn't require any difficult-to-install software on the Kiwi's Beagle that using a USB WiFi dongle does. It sounds like this is what you ended up doing.

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    John, that's my get a proprietary cable that goes to the dish that connects to Starlink's supplied router. The router has NO ethernet connections for LAN, it's wireless ONLY. Fun part is that proprietary cable then has a connector you have to drll holes big enough for in walls, etc. Not the brightest setup.

    I also believe the new generation of Starlink hardware rolling out this year in the USA will have an additional ethernet port now, I think? And/or as mentioned, and ethernet adapter is available now.

    I was going to suggest the TP-Link WR802N to Cheeto.... I'm using this myself and it works great. 2.4 ghz only, but that should be fine for most people for a Kiwi. The newer version is dual-band, but uses more power. (Finding mine uses less than a I can use the same 5V power as my Kiwi.)

    Cheeto, glad you got it working, finally!



  • you're close .. around here the starlink satellite dish sits on the roof. that goes to a router inside the house direct with no ports of any kind. so everything isn't built-in per se, but yeah basically you're right. its just a direct line from one to the other with no ability to do anything else yet.

    my wee repeater around here has lan/wan ports, though technically is a separate network. so right now i just connected the device i want to listen with to the (former) barn network. sounds like the real solution to get everything working as i want it to (in the house) is to get the starlink adapter cable ($45cad, pic below), then i can replace the starlink wifi-only router with a normal one from any electronics store around here and/or throw in an ethernet switch. despite elon being a pretty weird dude his internet service works very well for us redneck.

    after thats sorted out i'll work on getting everything to place nicely with proton vpn or something to get port forwarding or tunneling up and running, but i'm not quite there yet. i'm sure people with more knowledge about this sort of thing have it all figured out -- or will shortly.

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