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Kiwi 2403

My Kiwi #2403 is running for about an hour and then it disappears and the activity LED's on the CAT5 port on the switch are no longer lit. Power cycling restores it as will removing the CAT5 cable and plugging it back in. Was running on 1 power supply with 2 other Kiwi's. Separate power supplies did not help. It has been doing this for some time but it was running for a few weeks at a time. V 1.665


  • You are lucky as you have other working KiWi's available to you.

    Back up the faulty KiWi so you can revert to the image if required.

    Then make a backup card from one of the working KiWi's and load that image into the faulty one.

    If the fault is still present, it would determine that it was a hardware and not a software issue.



  • Is this the new BBG you just purchased or an older one from another Kiwi?

  • This is #2403...had it for years. I ordered another Beagle Bone Green without wireless today. If you have a minute and can link me to the good image and how to set up a fresh Beagle Bone / Kiwi, that would help me. We have a total solar eclipse on April 8 and I would like to have this one working to join the other two by then.

  • Thanks will be here in a couple days. The Kiwi2 and the one with the new Beagle Bone are working great.

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    Beaglebone black : No place to plug in the fan and the hole marked USB Host has a connector that won't fit through the opening. Does this one require a fan ?

  • What kind of enclosure did you have this Kiwi-1 mounted in? If it was the old Kiwi-1 aluminum case from Seeed that one is designed to only fit a BeagleBone Green. It is not compatible with the BeagleBone Black. Even though the Kiwi itself will run fine using a BeagleBone Black.

  • It is...will it run without the fan ?

  • Probably. Even more so if you can position it vertically (wiring exiting from "top" and "bottom") so that air can convect through the holes in the bottom end plate, up and out the top end plate.

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