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Kiwisdr power down by itself.

Is there any circumstance where Kiwisdr might power itself down and not restart?

Reason I ask is I came home this morning and both my V1 and V2 were powered down.

Other servers in the room were all still running.

The V1 and V2 each have their own PSU, and they were displaying their usual offload voltage of 5.3 volts.


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    I don't think your kiwi has actively powered itself down, and I'm not aware of any potential conditions which could cause that intendedly. I would consider a power brownout more likely. If it's only a short glitch and not a "clean" powercycle, the kiwis might be not properly reset and can be left in an undefined state so they can't restart correctly.

    Maybe the other servers have large enough capacitors in their PSUs to bridge such a very short or uncomplete outage?

    Just a thought...

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