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Location on rx map discrepancy

I noticed that if I have two SDR's using the exact same coordinates generated a large difference in actual location. What are the minimum differences so that the location markers on the map show separate, but very close to each other?


de N3EDS Jeff


  • On the list of Sdr's what is the SNR actually mean? 3/3 vs 32/25

    Often the map has a center in the US but upon opening up the spot it has SDR's 200 miles away in canada listed but not show where on map.

  • jksjks
    edited March 23

    In the next software release the meaning of the SNR numbers is described in more detail. When you mouse over the SNR 32/25 dB text a popup will say 32 dB, 0-30 MHz  25 dB, 1.8-30 MHz

    The SNR measurement algorithm is simple and by no means perfect. It can be skewed by strong signals. That's why the two frequency ranges are measured. So strong AM BCB signals don't skew the 0-30 MHz result.

    SNR algorithm: All the waterfall bins are sorted, lowest signal strength to highest. The signal level at the 50% point is taken as the noise floor. The signal at the 95% point is taken as the highest level. The difference is the SNR.

    Map: Which map are you referring to? There are many maps. Or the WSPR/FT8 spot maps? (you used the word "spot")

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