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Dynamic time limits for users

My more popular KiWi's have user time limits set, and I'm getting an increasing number of requests for override passwords.

However, the timeout is really only required at peak times.

When it is not so busy, it seems a pity that the time limits could not be relaxed in some way.

My thinking is that perhaps two separate time limits could be defined.

One would be a shorter time limit, of for example one hour. This would kick users who had been connected for longer than the specified time, but only if all the receivers are in use and others are either queuing, or trying to connect. This would then give other folks an opportunity to use the KiWi at peak times.

The second time limit could set maximum duration, just like the current limit of, for example, 4 hours, and this would kick any users exceeding the time limit, as protection against excessive use.

In both instances, a warning message could be displayed to the users affected.

There may be some flaws in this suggestion that I haven't thought of, but I've posted it for discussion purposes.



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