Autoruns using full spectrum channels

Hey everyone. I frequent a receiver which has 8 channels which is really nice, and an autorun was using a full spectrum channel while I was relegated to what I'll call an overflow channel which only has a limited waterfall. This isn't great when you want to dial around.

My questions are: Do those programs need the the full waterfall display? If not, is it possible to automagically move those to a higher channel so human users can get use of the full waterfall?




  • jksjks
    edited March 7

    The autorun "eviction" algorithm is not as smart as it could be. In particular there are sequences of events where you will be assigned an available channel in the range rx2-7 (non-waterfall) when autoruns occupy rx0/1. When in fact the better thing would be to stop and move the autorun from rx0/1 to the rx2-7 channel to free up rx0/1 for your user connection. Autoruns are always assigned rx2-7 first (if available) before using rx0/1.

    Another thing for me to eventually fix..

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