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Login Info-Page, UserDB, FM Squelch

Dear community,

I have 3 questions regarding configuration:

Subject: Password Page

I have certainly spent hours going through the KiwiSDR config files but to no avail. I would like to edit the text that appears for the USER password. In which file can this be done? If this is possible, will it be overwritten with the next update?

Subject: Users

Is there any trick to set up different users, for example, by creating a database on the Beagle? Has anyone already had experience with this?

Subject: Squelch

Is there a plan to make the FM squelch like it used to be? The squelch on FM is unusable... It used to be significantly better.

Thank you very much for your help.

73, Pat


  • Hi Pat,

    I could use some details.

    1) Password page. I'm assuming you mean the login page that is shown on a user connection when a password is required. Right now it just says "KiwiSDR: software defined receiver".

    There is currently no admin configuration field to alter this text. But I could certainly add one. It wouldn't be very difficult. Let me try and do that for the next release.

    2) Users. Do you mean a database that keys off the name/callsign field and stores user-specific parameters? Interesting idea, but boy, what an administrative nightmare. Fine if you're only doing it for a small group of recognized people I suppose.

    3) Can you be more specific about what you think is broken with the FM squelch? What about how it behaved previously did you think was good? Because we had the opposite reaction from people the last time we made changes. I don't really want to get into a tug of war between opposing viewpoints.

  • 1) Yes, exactly that text. It would be really great if you could implement that. Maybe even a field that supports HTML tags.

    2) Yes, a database where a list of nicknames, for example call signs or email addresses, and a password can be stored. Currently, each of our 8 Kiwis has its own password. Unfortunately, the password is constantly being passed around by a few users, so the Kiwis are always full and there's no room left for our actual members. I know of several other Kiwi operators who would also greatly appreciate this feature. Maybe there is a workaround on the Beagle that could be implemented.

    3) I'm actually surprised that there are opinions claiming the FM squelch has been good recently. It's difficult for me to explain exactly what is not good. Compared to earlier software versions, it simply can no longer be said to work effectively. You probably know best what exactly you changed and how the changes should affect it :-) *smile*

    4) I really want to thank you for the great work you have done so far. Despite some minor issues, this is the best SDR hardware and software on the market. Initially, we thought this would be another student project that would end after graduation and not be developed further. You have proven us wrong and even released new hardware, not letting the Chinese get you down. Thank you very much for your excellent work and never give up!

    73 Pat

  • Just for curiosity, I tested the squelch in FM in the CB area around 27 MHz. It seems to work as expected, I can't see any problem (kiwi 1.664, debian 8, latest firefox).

    4) +1!!!

  • Works OK for me too.

    Operation for all modes are dependent upon the filter bandwidth in use, so the set point will vary.

    To mute the noise, NBFM typically requires a squelch slider setting of around 60, and NNFM requires a slider setting of around 70.

    Other modes have a slightly larger range of adjustment to find the value at which it mutes the audio.



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