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Restored Unresponsive Kiwi to Operating Status

I had 'Bricked" a kiwi when changing its port numbers to 8074

After a tremendous amount of support from "JKS" and HB9TMV, I have been able to restore a kiwi that refused to respond to access efforts.

After examining ===> I was uncertain about

my ability to successfully perform the steps needed to install new software (am I debian 9 or 11, etc or ??) so opted to try downloading SW from a working kiwi.

I formatted a microSD card and downloaded the SW. After more reading of the above website information, successfully installed the SW on the 'unresponsive' kiwi. It is now working.

Now, for whatever reason and related to my original problem of getting to "YES", the response to ===>

BOTH kiwi's now respond YES without my having made any changes to the main router after the original effort to change port numbers to 8074 on one kiwi. Both kiwi's are using 8073 successfully now.

I want to thank the kiwi-community for service beyond what I deserved !! Net result is I learned a LOT and am now more comfortable 'messing with' software.

73 Dick/w7wkr


  • But as mentioned in the other thread, if your intent is to have both of these Kiwis accessible from the Internet simultaneously then you still have more work to do.

  • Hello JKS

    No, I want one kiwi at each QTH so monitoring can be done.

    Since what is now working as expected, I will NOT mess with changing 8073-to-8074

    in one unit!

    Again, THANK YOU for your wonderful support.


  • Okay, my fault then for not correctly understanding at the outset what you were trying to accomplish.

    Glad it's finally sorted.

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