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Incompatibilities between Starlink and Kiwisdr V1

I have used Starlink for the past couple years as my ISP. When I switched to Starlink, I left the Kiwisdr unregistered to and run it totally on my local LAN segment. (192.168.0.xx) This local LAN is routed to 192.168.1.xx (Starlink) for internet access.

A few weeks ago I requested and installed the proxy service at, re-configured the Kiwi to run from the Starlink LAN. (192.168.1.xx) and was able to obtain internet access to the Kiwi. On my primary desktop PC I can connect to either LAN segment depending on which link I select.

As stated, I have the 192.168.0.xx router configured to forward to the 192.158.1.xx network for internet access. I also included in that route the 192.168.1.xx packets. I am able to access the kiwi while connected to the 192.168.0.xx Lan by specifying it's .1.xx ip. This morning something occured on the Starlink LAN to give all devices connected to the 192.168.1.xx LAN new ip assignments. the Kiwi changed from to

Now, after all that background here are the problems I find.

I must change all the browser bookmarks to the new 1.27 ip number.

The Kiwi still thinks it is on ===>Private IP address (inside your firewall/router): [port 8073]

The Kiwi is now listing one of the old public IP numbers. ===>Public IP address (outside your firewall/router): [port 8073]

The proxy server seems to be working properly using reports this error: ===> No KiwiSDR(s) found for your public IP address:

If necessary, temporarily disable any VPN or private relay service for this computer

(the one running the browser) so your actual public IP address can be found.

If enabled, a Kiwi registers itself on whenever it restarts.

I have a suspicion that I need to Power cycle the Kiwi to correct these errors. I don't know if it is legit for Starlink to change ip numbers on the fly like that, but it does. I think maybe my only solution is to turn off the Starlink Router/WiFi functions and subsitiute in my own router. I lose some Starlink functionality if I do that.


  • Before power cycling try just restarting the Kiwi server: admin page, control tab, "KiwiSDR server restart" button.

    I'd like to know if that alone is enough to bring it back.

    Sounds like the DHCP lease for the local IP address (issued by the Starlink router) ran out and a different IP was given. That's a but strange. Usually the lease the lease time are quite long.

    In general you really don't want to keep bookmarks based on local IP addresses because of this issue. In the router assign a fixed local IP to the Kiwi based on its Ethernet MAC address (listed on the admin network tab).

  • @jks

    I did the Kiwisdr server restart as requested and yes, that did indeed update the /admin/network IP addresses. I also accessed the page and got back the normal page for "KiwiSDRs found on your local network". I have not had a need to turn the Kiwi daily restart on before. Maybe I do now.

    I understand about the negatives of using "hardcoded" ip addresses. If my desktop is connected to my private lan, the url kiwisdr:8073 won't get forwarded up to the Starlink Lan. Starlink provides NO capability for the user to control ANY aspect of their WiFi/router except for SSID and Password. The only option is to disable their functionality and put my own hardware/software in place.

    I don't think this is an expired lease condition, my hunch is this was an outage, or a restart issued from Starlink HQ.

    Mike M.

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