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Proxy original Kiwi

Rearranged some things recently and while I have never used the proxy server, the current version is not happy without it. The bold items with the angled lettering are the ones I think are important. Incomplete Information and Host Name. is listed but I am told it won't connect.


Domain Name

DUC Domain

Reverse Proxy

Public IP

Specified IP

Use domain name from DUC configuration below: (none currently set)

Use domain name from reverse proxy configuration below: (none currently set)

Public IP address detected by Kiwi: (no public IP address detected)

Based on the above selection the URL to connect to your Kiwi is:(incomplete information)

Next Kiwi URL redirect

Use this setting to get multiple Kiwis to respond to a single URL.

When all the channels of this Kiwi are busy further connection attempts will be redirected to the above URL.

Example: Your Kiwi is known as "". Configure another Kiwi to use port 8074 and be known as "".

On the port 8073 Kiwi set the above field to "".

On the port 8074 Kiwi leave the above field blank.

Configure the port 8074 Kiwi as normal (i.e. router port open, dynamic DNS, proxy etc.)

CAUTION: Do not create a cycle by redirecting Kiwis like: A -> B -> A Always create a chain that stops redirecting at the end: A -> B

This prevents the browser from going into a loop when all channels on all Kiwis are full.

Please read these instructions before use: dynamic DNS update client (DUC)

Dynamic DNS update client (DUC) configuration

Account at

Username or email


Enable DUC at startup?YesNo


5 min


10 min


15 min


30 min


60 min


Click to (re)start DUC

After changing username or password click to test changes.



Please read these instructions before use: reverse proxy service

Reverse proxy configuration

Proxy information for

Click to (re)register

After changing user key or

host name click to register proxy.

User key: (see instructions)

Host name: a-z, 0-9, -, _

(all lower case, no leading '-' or digit, see instructions)

Status:Reverse proxy enabled and running

Proxy server hostname

Change only if you have implemented a private proxy server.

Set to "" for the default proxy service.


  • jksjks
    edited March 1

    This is about a KiwiSDR 2, right?

    There is something wrong, because at the very bottom of that config page there should be a Yes/No switch: Automatic configuration?

    On the admin status tab, top left, does it really say "KiwiSDR 2"? Is it really running v1.661 or later?

    If this is about a KiwiSDR 1, then there is nothing wrong. You can't use the Reverse proxy option in that menu without contacting and being assigned a "user key" to enter in the field at the bottom of the page. It's only Kiwi-2 that has this all setup automatically. All of this is thoroughly discussed in the documentation.

    The "incomplete information" error will disappear as soon as you choose one of the other menu options that doesn't contain missing information to the right of the menu entry. So enter domain information in the field, then select Domain Name. Or enter an IP address an select Specified IP.

  • Back to this problem....I entered the IP in Specified ID and the Incomplete Information didn't go away. No need for the proxy based on my other Kiwi 1.

  • @bob53bob since that snapshot of your admin connect page shows "Reverse proxy enabled and running" and assuming this is a KiwiSDR 2 have you tried to connect to ?

  • If this were a Kiwi-2 the reverse proxy configuration section would show something slightly different.

    For Kiwi-1s you still have to email me ( with your Kiwi-1 serial number and I'll assign you a value to put in the user key field.

    If you click on the link in the yellow box the instructions discuss all of this.

    "Reverse proxy enabled and running" is a bit of a misnomer. It's running, but there it's not configured. So it's not going to do anything. I should fix that..

  • Bob, I emailed you a proxy user key given that I figured out your serial number. Check email.

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