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Password entry box on admin web page recognized by browser [fixed in v1.666]

A really valuable improvement would be if the admin login web page contained the tag necessary to make the browser aware that the entry box is a password. Then you could let the browser (or any password manager) remember your ridiculously complex password for you. Now you have to type it manually every time.


  • We had this discussion years ago. Don't know if things have changed since then.

    Back then you couldn't use type="password" on an HTML form because the browser would require the connection to be HTTPS.

    And although I have a version of the Kiwi server that supports HTTPS it is useless because of how broken certificate management is for IoT devices (Let's Encrypt being the prime example).

  • Would adding an admin login password as a url extension associated with the existing /admin switch solve this problem ? or would it just be an additional security risk ?

    It would be handy to be able to directly login to the admin interface, without having to fill in the form, and it would also allow the admin login to be stored as a browser tab.

    It would make it quicker to access the admin pages if for example, I wished to kick a user, on the odd occasion that I wish to use my KiWi, but can't get a free receiver, or when I want so reconfigure a parameter, or add a new DX tag using the admin interface.



  • Thinking about this, it would be even better / quicker if the url extension could login and take you directly to a specified admin page.

  • jksjks
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    Okay, next release: There will an option on the admin security tab to enable saving admin password in browser storage (more secure than cookies but essentially the same).

    Also, you'll be able to have bookmarks like:



  • That is excellent!

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