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Default value for Frequency (kHz) in Config tab-Solved

In the Kiwisdr-2 what is the default value for the following in the Admin page, Config tab?

Initial Values for:

Frequency (kHz)____________

I changed it after misunderstanding the instructions and want to put it back to default.

Thanks. Noel


  • Most folks set it according to their location, and the default value may not always be suitable.

    I normally choose a strong local broadcast station, with the appropriate mode and bandwidth so that new users at least hear something when they first connect.



  • Thank you! I figured out that my "first frequency" was not changing because I needed to clear out the history on my browser for that could change. I learned outside listeners were getting the initial frequency but I was getting the LAST frequency I listened to.

    Thanks again.


  • Yeh, that catches me out too, more often that it should.

    You need to clear your browser cookies in order to get the "new user" experience.

    Some browsers don't like letting go of all the stored settings, Chrome in particular sometimes seem to have a mind of its own.



  • You can also use the incognito mode on chrome (Ctrl-Shift-N) or private mode on firefox (Ctrl-Shift-P) to visit a site with default settings.

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