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5V Power for Wifi - Separate from Kiwi?

I want to set up my KiwiSDR2 in a remote location where I can't get to it easily. For now, I got a TP-Link TL-WR802N to connect to my Kiwi with a 1 ft ethernet patch cable. Where I anticipate setting it up sees power outages maybe 3-6x a year for 1-10 hours at a time. Battery backup for all my remote stuff gets complicated quickly.

Can I power the WiFi bridge from the same 5V power source? Or will I run into problems if both the kiwi and wifi are power cycled at the same time? As in, will the Kiwi look for/give up on the ethernet connection before the Wifi unit is booted? Do I need to switch on the wifi power FIRST before the Kiwi is switched on? Just need to know if I need to be able to remotely switch the power for the 2 items separately.




  • To answer my own question.... so far, it's a maybe. I initially had some issues where I needed to start the TL-WR802N first, but the last couple attempts I've done both at the same time and it's connected fine. I did change some settings on the TL in the could be just those changes made it now work OK when I power up both simultaneously.

    I will try several more times before I commit, but leaning towards having a separate power source for the 2 or at least a separate relay so I can power cycle one separately from the other, even if it is fine.



  • I haven't had a problem with my Kiwi starting at the same time as the TP-Link. Every so often, I'll cut power to the shed/shack in my backyard (where the Kiwi is installed) when severe storms are expected, to work on my line filters, power outages, etc...and when the power is restored it all comes online at the same time.

  • Hi Nate,

    In case the problem returns you could also have a look at the delay timer mentioned under "BBG and some PSU problem" to slow down the start up of one of your Kiwis.

    brgds, Ben

  • @nitroengine Thanks for your experience! Giving me more confidence that maybe all will be fine now from same supply.

    @benson Interesting, I had not found that thread! These aren't expensive boards, either. I could see adding one to both the wifi and Kiwi power maybe...which would allow a delay for my DSL modem/router to come online after a power outage before the TP Link is looking for it. I could see a 30 or 60 second delay for the TP Link and then another 30 seconds for the Kiwi.

    I think I'll order a couple of those, and in the meantime, measure the current consumption of my Kiwi AND the TP Link to ensure my "2.5A" supply can handle both. The TP Link is "listed" as 5V 1A, but I'm finding reports of it needing 1-2W max online elsewhere, which should leave some headroom.



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