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From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.664 February 19, 2024

  Fix to make photo file uploads on the admin webpage tab work again.

  BBAI-64 Debian 11 backups:

    If you've made any sd card backups using the admin backup tab, ON BBAI-64 ONLY,

    then please do so again using this release.

    There was a bug in the backup script that makes the backup unusable.

  TDoA extension:

    More fixes for waterfall preview mode colormap autoscaling.


    Experimental optimizations to "spiderfy" of host and reference markers clusters.


    1) When a host or ref cluster is expanded ("spiderfied") the other type of clusters are

      temporarily removed. This eliminates the following annoyance. If the other type

      of cluster is behind the expanded cluster (i.e. visible through the clear spaces of

      the expanded cluster), and the mouse rolls over it, then the current cluster is closed

      and the other type of cluster is expanded. This is almost always not what you want.

    2) The last spiderfied cluster will now contract if the mouse moves far enough away from it.

      Previously the only way for it to contract was to cause another cluster to spiderfy

      (by rolling over it) or clicking in a clear area of the map (annoying).


  Use my_kiwi:8073/adc_ov to report accumulated ADC overflow value as JSON e.g. {"adc_ov":1234}

  Use my_kiwi:8073/adc_ov?reset to report value and reset it to zero.

  Effects "adc_ov=" value reported by /status query.

  The 'o' shortcut key now cycles between the control panel tabs: Off, User and Stat instead of

  just Off and Stat.


  Fix for timing bug where extensions specified in URL wouldn't always open.


  • edited February 19

    The TDoA waterall preview has greatly improved with this version v1.664.

    It is actually quite amazing and revealing to be able see an instant snapshot of the waterfall of any Kiwi node available worldwide merely with a mouse click!

  • Agreed, the latest enhancements make it so much easier to find KiWi's with decent reception of the target transmitter.

    Thanks again John for all of your hard work.



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