From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.662,663 February 9, 2024

  RF attenuator policy (KiwiSDR 2). Admin page control tab menu allows access by:

    1) Everyone, 2) Local connections only, 3) Local connections or password only

    These are the same choices as with the antenna switch. The password is the time limit

    exemption password (admin control tab), specified in the URL by password= or pwd=,

    not the user connection password (admin security tab).

  Frequency undo/redo: When the frequency entry field is highlighted (almost all of the time)

  type shift-return to undo/redo the last frequency change. Useful for old codgers like me who

  keep misclicking or accidentally hitting the trackpad causing unwanted frequency changes.


  TDoA extension:

    The sampling station exclusion checkboxes are working again.


    Waterfall adjusted so passband center is half way between extension and main control panels

if using a smaller sized display.


    Sampling station waterfall preview mode bug fixes.


    Fixed problem since v1.660 with map markers disappearing before you could click on them.

    New URL parameter "refs:" that presets the "Reference station" checkboxes.

    Use "refs:0" to uncheck all. Then "refs:[1-8]" cumulatively to add checkboxes from

    the subcategories. For example "refs:0:2:3" to check milcom and radar.

    Omit ":0" to make ":[1-8]" remove subcategories. I.e. "refs:2:3" selects

    all except milcom and radar.


  Added "save" buttons to admin text entry areas:

    webpage tab > additional HTML/Javascript; network tab > local blacklist;

    extensions tab > ALE_2G > admin menu; extensions tab > iframe > HTML/Javascript


  • The TDoA stuff is better, but still has problems.

    If anyone has a reproducible set of steps that makes the waterfall preview oversaturated (red & orange colors), or the waterfall black, please let me know. I've only seen it a few times in testing. But without being able to reproduce it consistently it's a very difficult problem to debug.

    Thank you.

  • I have seen and duplicated the black water fall issue on a Kiwi/BBAI in 14rx mode.

    after an update from first time browser access, selecting the water fall filter.

    Refreshing browser restores waterfall.

    I sent you (support at kiwisdr) a dropbox with a video of the actions and results.


  • @WA2TP I was referring to the black waterfall you may get when TDoA preview mode returns to showing the waterfall for the current Kiwi.

    But your video shows another bug. Black audio-FFT waterfall when first using the wf averaging controls. That's something I've never even tried before. I'll add it to my infinite list of things to fix..

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