v1.660,661 [Instructions here for fixing your BBAI bricked by v1.660]

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.660 February 4, 2024

  TDoA extension: Added fast waterfall preview of sampling stations. Shift-click on map host icons

    or audio icon in host list. Waterfall (but not the audio) quickly switches to showing

    what sampling station is receiving for 10 seconds (or until you click another),

then switches back to current Kiwi.

  Admin network tab: Added option to control if blacklist is limited to Kiwi server port or not.

    Useful for special cases e.g. when a local service such as DDNS must talk to a

    hosting provider that is in a blacklisted IP range.


  Changes to support KiwiSDR 2.


  • Hi,

    my Kiwi on BBAI failed to install this update, I cannot connect to it anymore. Power-on reset does not help. The router recognises the Kiwi by giving it a IP dress, but that's it. I have to go back using my Backup card.

    Could you please have a look at this?



  • Hmm ... Backup is faulty, it does not boot. All settings gone ... that's too bad! Do I have a chance to get it back via SSH?



  • Hi,

    same problem here with my Kiwi/BBAI set to 14 rx.

    SSH access is possible but ./update_fix doesn`t solve the problem.


  • It seems to be a general problem. Just set my Kiwi-board up with a new BBB, updating from 1.486 to 1.660 is going on for one hour now ...

    Let's wait for the master.


  • Hi John,

    Thanks for the TDoA waterfall enhancement, it is a very useful enhancement.

    There are a few slight issues I have noticed during use, but they may have been present for some time.


    When there are several KiWi's on the same site, it is quite difficult to click on an individual KiWi once the 'cluster' has 'exploded'. If you try to click on an individual KiWi it 'implodes' back into the original cluster without the KiWi being selected.

    You have to zoom almost fully into the location before it is possible to pick and select an individual KiWi from the cluster.


    In my browser, the TDOA window partially masks the section of the waterfall where the tuned signal is displayed. I have to manually move it slightly to the right, so that it can be more easily seen between the TDoA and main control panel.


    I think this has been mentioned before, but the ability to rerun existing recordings and deselect individual KiWi's or zoom or move the map, seems to be missing again.


    No panic to fix any of these, they were just notice during use.



  • jksjks
    edited February 4

    Not sure what's wrong with BBAI and v1.660. Does it work for anyone at all? All 5 public BBAI Kiwis that had automatic updates enabled seem to be dead.

    I wasn't able to test that combination here. The sd card slot on my BBAI has corroded from the fan blowing slightly salty air over it all these years. Since I can't seem to find BBAI's to purchase anywhere I bought the parts to replace the card slot (a very delicate operation).

    I need the BBAI to have a working card slot so I can recover if something goes wrong. I obviously can't afford to brick it (it's the only one I have).

    I'll get to this when I can..

  • @G8JNJ Yes, that map cluster stuff I use has never worked quite right. I've never figured out why (it's from a standard package that's supposed to just work).

    The default is to place the tuned signal at the center of the waterfall. But on a small screen this might be obscured by the TDoA control panel as you've observed. I could probably figure out how to center it in the open space between the two control panels.

    Yes, "rerun" was removed because the heat maps become misaligned during reruns for reasons I was never able to figure out. It used to work long ago. That stuff is very complicated..

    You may note that there are some bugs in the autoscale of the previewed Kiwis if the waterfall is offset from center.The waterfall is overexposed in those cases (red and orange colors instead of the usual blur/green). I fixed it after the update went out. So depending on when your Kiwi updated you may not have the fix. Just do a manual build on the admin update tab.

  • BBAI problem: If one of you could allow me ssh access over the net that would be very, very helpful. You have to add a port mapping entry to your router for port 22 (ssh) and point it to the Kiwi's local IP address. Also, your ISP has to allow incoming connections (i.e. your Kiwi doesn't have to use the proxy service).

    If you can do this please email your public IP address and Beagle debian password (likely the Kiwi's serial number) to support@kiwisdr.com

    Thank you.

  • hi John,

    I send you a mail to support@kiwisdr.com

  • Hi John,

    Thanks for the explanations.

    I'll try to remember that I have already mentioned these, to save troubling you with them again.



  • Sent you a mail with the data to access my Kiwi.


  • jksjks
    edited February 4

    How to fix a BBAI-based Kiwi server bricked by v1.660 update:

    Login to Debian/Linux running on the Beagle via ssh/PuTTY. Use "debian" account (not "root"). Password is likely Kiwi's serial number unless you've changed it.



    ./up (note: not ./update_fix)

    Takes maybe 10 minutes or so to rebuild. This will update you to v1.661. I fixed @eckrot and @DF4UE BBAI's this way. So it should work.

    If your BBAI is working at the moment then you don't need to do anything. Because now v1.660 is no longer the current version. And it will not be used in any future update. You will update straight to v1.661 which works fine.

  • HI John,

    Do we know if version 1.661 is stable enough for BBAI deployment? or should we hold off on updates?

  • I updated my previous comment to be a little more clear.

  • edited February 5

    Very interesting addition this waterfall preview to the TDoA extension.

    Couple of issues I noticed (trying on different OS's and browsers, V1.661):

    1./Currently experiencing poor internet speeds and this could be the reason that no preview shows up in those 10 seconds periods for some of the kiwi nodes I tried.

    When connecting directly to those nodes indeed it may take up to 12 - 20 sec for the waterfall to be displayed.

    2./In those situations when switching 'back to this kiwi' the waterfall does return for about 0.2 sec and then goes blank. Page reload is needed after that.

    Perhaps just a corner case with slow internet connections.

  • jksjks
    edited February 5

    There was a problem previously with the waterfall going black (incorrect max/min autoscaling) after "back to this Kiwi". So you're right, probably just another corner case to handle.

    The 10 second timer is arbitrary. It probably needs to be better triggered. Like only after a positive connection is established with the sampling host.

    Thanks for pointing these out.

  • Very cool, thank you very much for fixing my Kiwi!


  • If anyone is having problem with their BBAI-64 not starting up using the v1.661 release please comment here or contact me at support@kiwisdr.com as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

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