I cannot connect to my KiwiSDR

My KiwiSDR will not connect to any browser on my local network.

It shows up on my AT&T gateway.

Any ideas, it was working a few days ago.

Thanks, Rob


  • jksjks
    edited January 28

    Hi Rob,

    Sorry for the delayed reply. Crazy busy as we get ready to ship the first batch of Kiwi-2.

    Is this still an issue for you? Does the my.kiwisdr.com site show an entry for the Kiwi? (i.e. with a local IP address that matches what your AT&T gateway has). If so, what happens when you click on the link from there that ends in /admin?

    Assuming we can't get anywhere trying simple things, would you be able to open port 22 (ssh) on you gateway and point it to the Kiwi's local IP so I could connect to Linux on the Beagle and take a look? (i.e. make an entry in the gateway port mapping or NAT table). If so, please email your public IP address and Kiwi serial number to support@kiwisdr.com

    Thank you.

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