V1.659 Some observations and questions.

I am noticing on a BBAI kiwi just updated to V. 1.659 that it is using more CPU 93% and 25% FPGA eCPU.

This is more than a kiwi running version V 1.653 which is running 86% CPU and 42% FPGA eCPU.

Both of these are in 14 rx mode, with 13 active channels of WD connected.

The Kiwi running version 1.659 is using and external clock; a Bodnar - which brings me to the next questions.

Today on the WD forum it was mentioned that if you use an external clock, that you must use and external clock frequency 66.672 as of Kiwi Software version 1.649. (set on the config page as well as GPSDO).

I tried this and had no audio or spectrum output. I set both Bodnar and kiwi back to 66.666600 and all worked as it should.

Did I perhaps do something incorrectly and 66.672 is in fact now the desired clock frequency?



  • jksjks
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    Don't obsess about the CPU percentage. It's supposed to be 100% all the time as the Kiwi code does hard polling to get reliable realtime response. Less than that just means Linux is getting in the way. But it doesn't really matter much.

    The eCPU percentage is more accurate. It's dependent on the number of active receiver and GPS channels (that are tracking).

    If you change the external clock frequency make sure you restart. You should be prompted at the top of the admin page to restart when the frequency field is changed. 66.672M is indeed the new frequency (previous was 66.66M) since the CIC compensation filter was added in v1.647

    66.66M (or other similar frequencies) will work with v1.647+ The tuning accuracy will just be off by a bit. 66.672M is correct since 66672000/5556 = 12000 exactly.

  • John,

    Thank you. I will try again.

  • Problem has been resolved. I selected "find" on the Bodnar, however, I never selected update when it completed.

  • Noting the above change to 66.672 with 1.647+, I am still seeing "Set when external clock 66.666600MHz). Perhaps this change/update on the admin page will be reflected in v1.666?

    Also notice that on the GPS tab, it appears to still be acquiring 66.666 when using internal GPS correction.

  • The 66.672 thing is just the value recommended for wsprdaemon operation since certain use cases (using an external GPSDO) depend heavily on having an exact 12 kHz sampling rate, which is what 66.672 gives.

    The 66.666 value is the nominal frequency of the ADC XO part (with Kiwi-2 it is actually 66.6666). This is due to using standard value parts.

    Anyway, the point is that it doesn't matter and I'm not going to go changing the text just because the wsprdaemon people are doing something different.

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