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1.659 broke [GPS] fixes?

edited January 24 in Problems Now Fixed

My 2 public BBAI system did an update to 1.659 and now even though I have 12 GPS all good, no fixes


  • edited January 24

    after 23 minutes 8073 finally got a fix. 8075, not yet

  • Were you running v1.658 prior to 659?

  • they both eventually locked

  • Any idea what version you were running? Anyone else think they're having problems?

    Everything seems okay here. My Kiwi-1/BBAI-64 system running v1.659 with an antenna that sees less than half the sky had a TTFF of 48 seconds. Other Kiwi-2 systems between 1 and 2 minutes.

  • It was running 1.657. I found that the 8073 box was dead and went and cycled power, it came back up and sytarting updating to 1.659 which then had the fix issue. 8075 run running 1.657 OK so I forced it to try 1.659 and it then had the fix issue. It took 23 minutes of running on each to get the first fix. GPS bird count and RSSI were both great.

  • Restart it and see what happens.

  • both OK on restart

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