Remember Bandwidth (BW) in a cookie or a button to select the BW?

Is there a possibility to remember the selected BW from received station in a cookie or something so I don't scroll the bandwidth to the preferred one for a single station? Or is it possible to make a button in the controls on the bottom right corner? That would be great and handy.


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    Any idea or is this on the 'to do list'?

  • Do you access your own kiwisdr?

  • I have no SDR I only listen to SDR online.

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    As only a Kiwi listener (i.e. you don't own one) you can't change the custom bandwidth of each dx label that is set when you click on it. Only the Kiwi owner/admin can do that.

    But as a Kiwi listener there are a few shortcuts to setting the passband that are faster and less tedious than dragging the yellow/green passband symbol. Either by using single shortcut keys 'p' and 'P' (type 'h' or '?' to see complete list) or by typing a passband specification into the frequency entry box (e.g. "/2k" "/300,3300"). Mouse over the frequency box and type 'h' or '?' for help.

    More documentation:

  • Ok, thats interesting. When I use the shift-click the zoom in and out (magnifying glasses) it works to adjust the bandwith but where can I see when I do this what the actual bandwith is I selected?

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    Yes, I forgot about holding shift-clicking on the zoom buttons.

    If the mouse is positioned over the passband symbol then the mouse wheel will widen/narrow the passband. Holding shift will only change the upper cutoff. Ctrl-shift only the lower.

    When mousing over various parts of the passband symbol the bandwidth and upper/lower cutoff will be displayed. This only works well if you're zoomed in far enough for the passband symbol to be relatively large.

    And the best shortcut key of all is entering just '/' in the frequency box which will reset the passband to its usual default.

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