My ALE Frequency List

Here is a ALE list for you to use ......


// Data in JSON format.

// Double-slash comments MUST start in column one!

// Underscores in net/station names are converted to line breaks in menu entries

// A zero as the first element of the frequency array converts to a "scan" menu entry

// "lsb" as the second element of the frequency array selects LSB mode for all entries

   "Mexican 'Green Angels'":[0,7563,7640,7790,7802,7815,7828,7920,9043,8115,8175,10364,10369,10803],

   "Mexican Military":[0,6965,8888,9120,11100,11200,11900],

   "Mexican 'Three-Character Net'":[0,7443,7465,7852,8335,9786,10424,11467,15969,17045,18475,20623,23390],

   "Pemex 'Mexican National Oil Company'":[0,5775,7450,8218,8291.1,9265,10095],

   "9207 Net 'Unknown agency'":[9034],

   "Alphabetical Net 'Unknown agency'":[0,5886.5,5906.5,7395,8115,9296.5,10622.5,10687.5,11014.5],

   "DAxx Net 'Unknown agency'":[0,3296,5180,5260,5770,7841,9252,11001,11008,11009,11029,11096,20155],

   "ERCC Net 'Unknown agency'":[0,"lsb",2194,3155,4438,5005,6765,7300,10810.5],

   "MBxx Net 'Unknown agency'":[0,2545,5822,6399,6833,7509],

   "RT3 Net 'Unknown agency'":[0,6318.5,8298.5]


Have FUN....


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