TDoA currently down [update: fixed]

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The image reduction changes since v1.647 have somehow effected the audio file GPS time stamping. And this is causing the TDoA processing to fail. It is not yet clear why. We thought it wouldn't make any difference.

The GPS steered frequency locking of the Kiwi continues to work fine. Only the audio time stamps are effected.

Apologies for this situation..


  • As usual, thanks to Christoph for spotting the TDoA problem.

    The TDoA extension should be working again. Only Kiwis running v1.653 or later will show in the map as sampling stations. About 275 at present.

    The problem was a latent bug in kiwirecorder triggered by the small change to the decimation factors when the CIC compensation filtering was added in v1.646.

  • My sincere thanks you yourself and Christoph for fixing the TDoA issue.

    The audio quality is now much better too.

    The severe audio intermodulation, problem, which was very apparent when listening to NBFM signals with a 3kHz deviation CTCSS tone has now disappeared.

    Previously it was not possible to understand what was being said, even with external filtering, as the intermodulation products were too far embedded in the demodulated signal.



  • jksjks
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    Interesting about NBFM being wide enough to be influenced by the imaging problem. I hadn't previously considered that possibility.

  • Many thanks to Christoph for the bug fix.

    Thanks to the dev team also



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