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KiwiSDR enclosure box size

Hi all, Can anybody tell me the measurements (Length, breadth, height) of the KIWISDR enclosure box currently being supplied, also if I use my On-Hand Beagle bone (Black) will an order for the Kiwi cape only option come with an SD card needed for the B/Bone

thanks in advance


wayne VK6EH


  • jksjks
    edited December 2023

    The new enclosure (the black one) is 70x50x125 mm (WxHxD), H includes bottom feet, D doesn't include SMA connector threads.

    The board-only (cape-only) product will not include an sd card. You'll have to supply your own and download the Kiwi-customized Debian image from our website and re-flash the Beagle. This can be done using the Beagle itself, running whatever version of Debian it happens to have.

  • Thanks jks that’s great



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