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Cannot change DX database

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Happy Holidays! I've run into an issue on one of my KiwiSDR's where the DX database is stuck in EiBi-A23 not matter how I set the Default DX label Database drop down on the administrative DX tab. I would like to to display the Stored (writeable) database by default. Selecting the Stored database in the drop down does not make any changes. Reboot/Restart does not help. Neither does browser cache deletion. I even tried a clone from another receiver.

My other two receivers show the proper Stored (writeable) database selection. I would like to know how I can best rectify this issue.

Carmine K1VL


  • Can you switch between databases in the user web GUI ? (shift & pipe) ?

  • OK, ignore my last comment, I just tried it, and it did switch between them.

    8073 & 8074 seem to come up with the stored database in all the browsers I've just tried.

    Maybe it's still a local browser caching issue ?

    I've seen this happen more often than you would imagine, especially with Chrome and its variants, and clearing the cache doesn't fix it.

    Maybe someone else can also confirm the correct database shows up.



  • Martin,

    Thanks for checking. I've cleared my Chrome web cache and tried multiple computers with different browsers such as Edge to troubleshoot in the past. No change. It's just that one Kiwi.

  • That admin setting for the default database only applies for the first time ever a user visits the Kiwi. That is, the user doesn't have browser cookie set remembering the last database selected. So, as Martin said, as a user you have to use the \ key (backslash) to switch between the databases. Then the last one selected will be remembered in the cookie.

    The | key (vertical bar) also switches but additionally brings up the database control panel.

    With the database control panel open you can also select the database from the menu.

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    I see. Thanks for the explanation. So where are the backslash and/or the pipe keys entered?

    I also just discovered the right-click mouse menu allows for changing the database as well. Now it's nightfall and the first KiwiSDR is fully utilized so I can't make the change for myself.

    Carmine K1VL

  • On the keyboard. Type the h or ? key for a full list of all the keyboard shortcuts.

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