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Sensitivity below 700khz



  • That last idea is fascinating. Putting anything around a 3/8" guy wire with 2000 pounds of tension on it isn't viable but I believe I have the pickup from the anchor solved and adding another one would be doable. The third guy anchor would be a challenged to get a feedline back from. Food for thought in any case.

  • Hi Bob,

    Your guy is actually a bit thinner than I expected.

    The cores I suggested will accept 1" diameter, and they split in half and clip back together. So you can easily clip one over a guy, and let it rest against a turnbuckle or whatever, to stop it slipping down.

    It shouldn't interfere with the operation of the guy, or add any extra physical load, but it was only a suggestion.

    The small tower (22m) used at my Wessex websdr site is free-standing with no guys. So I had to add a sloping wire, connected to the top of the mast, and connected to a balun at the bottom, with a ground return wire going back to the tower base. If it had guys I would have preferred to use the method I've suggested.



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