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The six prototypes we received from our New Zealand manufacturer today work great. So it's time to open the store. Please visit

KiwiSDR 2 assembled USD $395. Includes BeagleBone Green (software pre-installed), metal case, GPS active antenna (5m RG174), self-test cable.

KiwiSDR 2 board-only USD $295. Add to your existing BeagleBone Green/Black, AI, AI-64. Includes self-test cable.

Please note:

  • Shipment is likely early February 2024. Your order helps us to crowdfund the first production run. Thank you.
  • The first run is expected to sell out so purchases will be shipped in the order received.
  • We tried to limit the price increase as much as we could. $395 is 20% over the $330 price of two years ago. Many of our components doubled in cost (e.g. ADC).
  • Shipping costs are unfortunately terrible. (USD) $10 to NZ, $35 to AU, $40 to USA/Canada, $50 everywhere else. DHL tracked. It's not just us. For example SDRPlay charges (USD) $57 UK-to-NZ, $33 UK-to-USA.
  • VAT/duty applicable to your country will be collected by DHL.
  • Good news / bad news: We had to remove the balanced input transformer. Unable to eliminate the noise coupled into it. But everything else is there: digital attenuator, self-test, GDT, reverse polarity protection, better GPS chip. We added a shield can to the FPGA 1V SMPS for further noise reduction.
  • The good news is that we're working on a separate box incorporating an antenna switch with multiple balanced outputs, AM BCB LC filter traps (tunable) and some sort of switched SWBC attenuation (TBD). There may also be an active GPS splitter. And perhaps even support for a frontend daughter card like Glenn's 2 GHz frequency extender. We'll be asking for your help in defining this device.

We sincerely appreciate your support. It's been a difficult couple of years. But we're back!

Kind regards & 73,


Peter, ZL2LD

David, ZL2BA




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    Thanks everyone who has ordered so far.

    Unfortunately Shopify has decided they don't like us and there will be a 12 to 72 hour delay until the store resumes sales. Shopify has to complete a manual review. There is nothing we can do about this.

    Please check here or Twitter for a resumption announcement. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

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    Also kann man nur mit Kreditkarte zur Zeit bezahlen?

     Greetings Michael DD4MB

  • jksjks
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    Ja, derzeit nur Kreditkarte. PayPal soll in einigen Monaten verfügbar sein.

    Yes, currently only credit card. PayPal should be available in a few months.

  • Our issues with Shopify have been resolved. You may resume placing orders. Existing orders are still in place -- no changes required.

    Apologies for this inconvenience.

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    Can't wait for them to arrive! 😀

  • @scratchmoney Hi, I had just replied to your email. Yes, you're all good. I double checked that your order is still in the system.

  • Thank you, Sir!

  • Is the site down? My card is declined despite calling the CC company and they released the transaction but the site keeps telling me no. I cleared browser cache and tried again but no.

  • No, should be working. The latest order came in 6 minutes ago.

    What exactly does the Shopify site tell you? Send a screenshot to or

  • We have confirmation from a customer that the Apple Pay purchase option worked. In case anyone was wondering about that..

  • Thanks for all the efforts getting the merchant site working.

    I ordered successfully a kit about three hours ago on a credit card.

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    Shopify's fraud detector is being tripped for some of your orders. The cart page (not checkout page) now has a field where you can enter your ham callsign if you have one. Please do, as this will help us to determine if the fraud alert is unwarranted. Also, be sure to enter your email. Thank you.

    Similarly, some of your credit card companies are flagging our store as fraudulent. You may have to contact them to get the payment released. Check the store to confirm order status. Email or with your order number (e.g. #1234) if necessary. Thank you.

  • Hi John,

    You mentioned in the first post of this thread about removing the iso-xfmr. What does that mean exactly, was it a board revision or did you simply jumper across the pads? I'm wondering if I could still try my own xfmr. In the old thread about that I posted that I got a small binocular core and used wire wrap wire. It turned out fantastic, I suspect because the thicker insulation on the wire lowers the capacitace which shunts the islolation at higher end of HF. Is there still a location on the board where a xfmr coud go?

  • No. Complete board revision. The xfmr pads are gone.

    After two rounds of prototypes, causing months of delays, we made the decision to go back to a layout as close to Kiwi-1 as possible so we could get on with it. You guys would be livid if Kiwi-2 had a 3-4 dB worse noise floor than Kiwi-1 (which the early prototypes did).

    We kept the gas discharge tube (GDT) and thru-hole SMA connector changes. But the traces running all over the place to accommodate the xfmr are gone. I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure noise from the ground planes were coupling into them.

    It worked. Kiwi-2 is just very slightly quieter than Kiwi-1. Maybe it helped that we added a shield can around the FPGA 1V SMPS section. I don't know.

    The balanced input issue will be addressed in the separate box we are now designing (mentioned in the first post).

  • Sorry John, when i buy the kiwisdr2 the box for put my callsign isn't present. My order is #1030 and my callsign is IK8SUT.


  • The Christmas Eve arrived a day early! Placed an order for two fully assembled units, can't wait to put these in production in Finland. Have two very radio-quiet QTH:s for these. Best regards Kauto OH2LFM

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    @IK8SUT The callsign entry box should be on the "view cart" page. Unfortunately we couldn't also put it on the "checkout" page without paying more money to Shopify each month, which we didn't want to do.

    But I found a way to enter your call manually. Thanks.

  • @IK8SUT No worries. I think part of the problem is some people needed to do a browser cache flush before the Shopify cart page would show the "notes" field I added. I had that happen here.

  • Ok good to know about the iso-xfmr. It might be advantageous to keep the isolation external to the entire chassis anyway. It works for me here. A link to the thread with details on this subject:

  • jksjks
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    Thanks for that. I'll add that thread to my pile of reading material for when we get started on the accessory box design.

    The good news is that we're working on a separate box incorporating an antenna switch with multiple balanced outputs, AM BCB LC filter traps (tunable) and some sort of switched SWBC attenuation (TBD). There may also be an active GPS splitter. And perhaps even support for a frontend daughter card like Glenn's 2 GHz frequency extender. We'll be asking for your help in defining this device.

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    I also put up two units coming my way for future experiments 🙂 Everything worked ok but now, the next morning the shop seems to be down. -Edit- Now working again, so only a small hickup.


  • Just ordered! Did I make the first batch?

  • Yes. Thank you for your order!

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    Christmas Day gift! Successfully ordered 1 assembled unit using my Debit Card (Order #1184)! Hoping to be part of the first batch.

  • Hello,

    just tried to place an order via GooglePay, however that message pops up: "The data currently entered is not sufficient to calculate the amount of the shipping option".

    Shipping and customs fees for final destination Germany seems to be not so easy to calculate using different carriers. Me need to know which favorite carrier in use, here. And how to calculate the shipping costs properly. Thanks for Info. Best regards.

  • jksjks
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    Has anyone else used GooglePay successfully?

    Our shipping rates are simple. So I don't know why this is a problem. US $50 for Europe via DHL. There are no other options.

    Also note, as very clearly stated in each item description, that the prices do not include VAT/duty. This will be collected by DHL at delivery time. Please understand this important point.

    If we had to register to collect VAT/duty in each delivery country the store would not have opened for another year. We probably would not have bothered to release the Kiwi-2 at all due to the paperwork involved.

  • I'm pretty sure I used GooglePay and it worked fine (once I authorized the payment with my bank)

  • Hello John,

    I made may order #1213 but I couldn't find where to add my callsign IK1YRA,

    as I read below you can add it manually, I hope so.

    thanks for now, waiting about delivery info when possible.

    73 Carlos IK1YRA

  • Non è possibile pagare con PayPal?

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