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Kiwisdr stuck on 4 channels

Kiwi SDR1 purchased 2019. Software 1.646.

Around Thanksgiving I noticed that only 4 channels would connect from my WSPRDaemon RPi, even though I have 8 challen configuration selected. The thing has worked flawlessly for 4 years.

So I changed the Kiwi config to 4 channels, rebooted, changed back to 8, rebooted. Then I did sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade on the RPi. I also tried an old config file that was simpler. It seemed to be working last night.

Then tonight I checked and it's back to only allowing 4 channels from the RPi.

If I go directly into the KiwiSDR web page I can open 4 additional channels no problem,

Has anyone else seen anything like this? Thanks in advance.

Mark, WD4ELG


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