Cloning settings with different BeagleBones

I have a KiwiSDR with BBAI primarily serving as a radio source for wsprdaemon, with one channel available for testing etc.

I have a second KiwiSDR I've been keeping for quite a while as a backup. The BeagleBone I have available for it is a BB Green.

I'm interested in cloning settings from the first to the second. I gather the usual way to do this is to set up the second board, power it up and let it upgrade its system, then enter the command on it to clone settings from the first KiwiSDR.

But: will the difference in BeagleBones be a problem? If so, any way around this?


  • jksjks
    edited December 2023

    Shouldn't be a problem. They just (ideally) need to be running the same software version. Absolutely respect the warning on the admin page about not trying to clone between a pre- and post-v1.602 Kiwi.

  • Well, I just tried cloning, but keep getting a "wrong password" error.

    Both Kiwis are v1.646. I tried the temporary password; then the serial number on the Kiwi being cloned from (which I know is accurate); then I used the console to change that Kiwi's root password, rebooting both Kiwis afterwards. No change in the error.

  • jksjks
    edited December 2023

    Yeah, this is because your BBAI is running Debian 9. And with Debian 9 and beyond there is no root account access by default (has we had with Debian 8 on BBG/BBB).

    Something else to fix..

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