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update build questions

my kwisdr has been offline for a few years.

I do not know how to update to current version via web interface admin page.

Are there detailed instructions? I just changed the button to "automatically install updates"

Do I click on "force software build"?

Should I do a backup of current build onto SD card first? what size sd card do I need?

How do I know it is updating? How do I know if new build is downloaded?

I know there are some security issues so don't want to leave it connected to the Internet too long. Or should I not be worried about that?

 v1.338, built Nov 2 2019 23:48:32


  • If you have configuration changes you care about (especially edited dx labels) then yes, do a backup first. Use an 8 GB or larger sd card.

    Sure, try the "force build" button. Then go to the console tab and type "tail -f /root/build.log" and see if there is progress building. It will take some time updating from that long ago.

  • thanks! it just says "server will restart after build".

    So I'll wait for a restart.

  • Don't worry if it takes several hours.

    I had to leave mine running overnight on one occasion when upgrading from the original SD card to a much later version.

    Good luck,


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