Antenna-switch-extension with Arduino sheild changing IP-adress.

I have run the OH1KK antenn switch where two kiwis have shared the same arduino switch.

I made another switch and programmed it to is's own IP (of course).

In the KIWI: Just editing the "ant-switch-backend-arduino-netsheild" to the new ip and reboot did not take.

What are the "monkey see monkey do"-commands to rebuild ?

73:s / Ken.


  • jksjks
    edited November 2023

    Okay, let me work on this..

  • Try this.

    Open the admin console tab, or make a ssh/PuTTY connection to a shell on the Kiwi.


    cd /root/KiwiSDR-antenna-switch-extension


    (updates to latest version of antenna switch sources)

    bash ./ant-switch-extension-installer

    (choose "arduino-netshield")

    (type "y" when asked to skip server rebuild)

    cd frontend

    bash ./ant-switch-frontend bi

    (the current ip will be shown, e.g. NETSHIELD_IP=

    bash ./ant-switch-frontend sa

    (enter the new ip address you want)

    bash ./ant-switch-frontend bi

    (verify that the new ip address is set)

    bash ./ant-switch-frontend q

    (query the switch and see if it responds)

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