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Can KiwiSDR do DRM Stereo?

Can KiwiSDR do DRM stereo? If yes, how do we get Stereo output? Thanks.


  • The Kiwi audio output code I wrote handles stereo. But it depends on the Dream code sending stereo output samples.

    Did you make that post on Twitter about 603 kHz as received by the Bengaluru India Kiwi? I listened there a few times. But all I ever heard (on both DRM service channels) was monaural news programming. There was also a strange "crackling" noise sometimes on service channel "1".

    Do you know if the standalone Dream program is able to receive that station in stereo? (unfortunately I am no longer able to run Dream standalone here due to computer upgrades). Or do you use a dedicated DRM-capable receiver? (Gospell et al)

  • No, I did not post on Twitter about DRM 603 KHz from Bengaluru, but a colleague forwarded that query in a chat group probably made by the same guy who posted on twitter. I have a standalone Kiwi with me and so I'm curious to know as well.

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