v1.636 new SSTV modes (a few Kiwis will require a manual rebuild)

A few Kiwis failed to build the v1.636 update properly and will require a manual rebuild.

This only effects BBG/BBB Kiwis (not BBAI/AI_64) running Debian 10 or later (not Debian 8). And most likely only a few Kiwis in the Asia/Pacific area given where this happened.

To recover login to Debian/Linux and use these commands:



Since it's Debian 10 you'll probably have to login using the debian account name (not root) and use the command sudo su to get a root shell. The debian and root passwords are most likely the Kiwi serial number unless you've changed them.

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.635,636 November 15, 2023

  Support MMSSTV modes: MR73 MR90 MR115 MR140 MR175 MP73 MP115 MP140 MP175

  Changes to support KiwiSDR 2.

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