Tailscale install on Kiwi?

I've had great luck using tailscale VPN as a way to remotely access Windows and Linux PCs. Since it can be installed in a Linux environment it does make me wonder if I could simply ssh into my KiwiSDR and install tailscale directly on it, which would enable personal access to a Kiwi, even if it's sitting behind a CG-NAT style ISP.


  • tustinfarm

    I switched my ISP to Starlink which also uses the CG-NAT model. My Kiwi and web server lost public internet access as the result. I set Tailscale up on a Linux Mint machine connected to Starlink to learn more. I followed their instructions, and found it to be an easy install, and worked quite nicely as long as the Tailscape "app" was used on both ends of the connection. I feel it is secure thru their use of 2FA.

    I did not however find a way that lets the public internet into the Linux Mint machine. Was your plan to keep Kiwi access limited to just the machines you authorize on Tailscale?


  • Yes, for the KiwiSDR in question I was planning on accessing it only via devices that I also have Tailscale set up on. In theory it should be possible to install it on the KiwiSDR by ssh access, as I have done with other Linux PCs.

  • Note that running other programs on the Kiwi can easily disrupt the realtime requirement of the Kiwi server code. You start getting audio dropouts etc. So be careful trying this.

  • Yes, exactly! I am loathe to risk the KiwiSDR performance by installing Tailscale since I don't have confidence that I would be able to restore it to normal operation in the event that it causes major problems. Posted that query on the chance that someone with more confidence or expertise has given it a try.

  • jksjks
    edited November 2023

    It's possible that if it's well-behaved it won't be a problem. You kind of won't know until you try though. For example the proxy client (frpc) runs as a separate program and is lightweight enough that it doesn't seem to cause problems.

  • Tailscale absolutely works on my Kiwi working on a BBAI-64. I have a Kiwi in a networking situation where I have absolutely no interest in sharing it with anybody, so Tailscale works without me having to pick holes in my firewall. ZeroTier didn't work, and it's built on the same Wireguard technology, just differing implementation.

  • Adding an update to this thread from last year...I have begun testing Tailscale VPN on a freshly burned image (Debian 11.9, v. KiwiSDR v1.679) installed on a BBG. So far it seems to be running fine, with two full waterfall clients (one via LAN, one external via Tailscale VPN), and four wsprdaemon clients via the LAN. I've included a snapshot of the status panel, since I am not sure how to interpret the CPU loading values with the six clients connected.

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